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Bhat Dental Associates is happy to offer a wide array of dental services, in house. We treat adults , children and the elderly. Please see below for a list of services we offer in house. 

  • Routine teeth cleanings

  • Pediatric dentistry

  • Cosmetic fillings 

  • Cosmetic crowns and Porcelain Veneers

  • Teeth whitening 

  • Root canal treatments

  • Periodontal treatment

  • Extractions

  • Bone Grafts

  • PRP regenerative procedures

  • Partials and Dentures

  • Orthodontics

  • Implants

Initial visit

We at Bhat Dental Associates utilize a systematic approach in taking care of your oral health, in a methodical way. Your initial visit is more than " just a cleaning".  Itcomprises a process of getting to know you, your dental needs, a comprehensive oral examination, leading to a complete diagnosis of your dental conditions. We would then present a treatment plan of the treatments that are recommended to assist you in making an informed decision for your proposed treatment.  Almost always there is so much to talk about the various options available that we may or may not be able to start treatment on the same day. Occasionally we are able to, but not always. We are committed to assuring that any treatment recommendations are followed under complete patient understanding and consent, financially and clinically.

Preventive care

We cannot emphasize enough the saying " An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". It certainly applies to the dental health of everyone, no matter the age. Dental diseases can easily be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene routinely at home and by periodic visits to your dentist for check ups. Visiting a dentist will not prevent the dental problem from happening but will certainly assure an early diagnosis and treatment. Like with any health problems, the smaller the problem, the less time and money it takes to fix it!

So dont forget to schedule your recall visit with us today!

Fillings and Crowns

Dental caries (tooth decay aka "cavity") remains the most prevalent disease among children and adults. Dental caries is caused when the hard outer layer of the tooth, called Enamel, is destroyed by the bacteria. Yes!! It is a bacterial infection !  

"Plaque" is a sticky film that is constantly formed on teeth after consumption of food, especially the sugary processed kind. When this plaque is allowed to remain on tooth surfaces for as little as 4-6 hours, bacteria build colonies and begin releasing acids that breakdown the enamel, leading to a cavity. Hence fillings are probably the most common dental need that arises. 

The deeper this cavity gets, the higher the chances are that you will begin to notice discomfort on the tooth.

The larger it gets, the higher the chances the tooth will break. At this point it will likely need a crown rather than a filling. 

A "Crown"  ( aka "Cap") is a full coverage restoration that protects the structural integrity of the tooth while allowing for chewing without the risk of the tooth breaking. 

Root canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is a procedure performed to save the tooth. It is done when a cavity, bacterial infection or a crack in the tooth has reached the deeper layers of the tooth, causing a  toothache. The nerve of the tooth is removed and the canal that housed the nerve is then filled with an inert filling material. Almost always a crown is recommended thereafter, to protect the structural integrity of the the tooth, for function. 

Gum disease and periodontal treatment

Gums provide a protective  housing for teeth. Therefore healthy gums are paramount for healthy teeth. Red and bleeding gums, bad breath, tartar deposits, gum recession and loose teeth may be an indication of active gum disease. Gum disease will require a procedure known as Scaling and Root Planing ( aka deep cleaning) to bring it under control. Untreated gum disease can quickly progress and cause irreversible damage to the underlying bone. Having a history of gum disease in the past may also require consistent periodontal maintenance, more often than a routine dental cleaning.

There is evidence based validation that correlates the relationship of good gum heath to great overall health. Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that will need a high degree of compliance and vigilant care to be kept under control, like any other disease of the body that belongs to the Chronic Inflammatory Disease category.

Replacement of missing teeth

The ability to smile and the ability to chew are undoubtedly the two purposes of teeth. Therefore replacing missing teeth is of very great importance not only from a social and aesthetic aspect , but also from a functional aspect. There are various options for replacing missing teeth. Then options are removable prostheses ( Partials  and Complete dentures) or fixed prostheses ( Bridges and Implants).

The costs for each of those options are significantly different. Come see us to explore your best option!


Implants in dentistry are essentially a replacement for the root of the tooth that was extracted. Implants can then be used to replace a single missing tooth,  to form a bridge for multiple missing teeth, or to anchor a removable prosthesis ( most commonly a complete denture anchor, to improve its retention). Contact our office for more details to see what implant option best suits your needs. 

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