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We are currently in network with numerous insurance carriers. Please contact our office to check if we accept your particular dental benefit plan. Currently, we do not accept any HMO or DMO plans.

How Dental Insurance Works

Dental Insurance works significantly differently than your Medical Insurance. Hence the term "Dental Benefits" is more appropriate than " Dental Insurance" when it comes to dental coverage.

In general, your Dental Benefits plans are designed to focus on PREVENTIVE care with some coverage for the cost of other treatment. This is in stark contrast to Medical Insurance coverage that is designed to help take care of the high cost of treatment as a consequence of ILLNESS or INJURY. 

It is therefore typical to have Annual Limits for your Dental Benefits coverage and a significant coinsurance /co pay that you are responsible for, if you have dental treatment done. There are also plan exclusions that may completely exclude you from being able to get certain kinds of preferred treatment options.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the limitations of your Dental Benefits coverage, by reading your booklet or contacting your Agent. We will be happy to answer any question you may have, however the final determination will be based on the package that you chose with your carrier. 

No Insurance ? No Issues !!!!!!!!!!

No Insurance ? No worries! We got you covered!!!!!! We are pleased to offer our own In-House Dental Membership Plan to help you care for your oral health. Sign up for our Annual membership and enjoy FREE routine cleanings , Dental radiographs and Exams. In addition you will be entitled to a fee reduction for other treatments. Unlike your typical Dental Insurance, there are no Annual limits or plan exclusions!! Join now and take control of your dental health!! Please contact the office for more details. 

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