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Welcome to Bhat Dental Associates....

We are proud to offer state of the art, comprehensive dental care at two locations, on the south side of Atlanta. One in the Eagles Landing area of Henry County and the other in the heart of  City of Jackson, in Butts county. We have been serving these two communities for over 15 years now.

About Us

Bhat Dental Associates has been providing top notch dental care over the last decade and a half.  We have been blessed with a fantastic group of individuals that make our team. We consider it our privilege that our patients choose us for their dental needs. We strive to continue to serve our patients with the best we have to offer.

Our Motto

The team at Bhat Dental Associates maintains a Motto of "Do unto others as you want done unto yourself". Our team takes pride in treating our patients like they would themselves and their family members, with the utmost care, empathy and kindness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, improve, protect and maintain the overall oral health of our patients in a gentle, comfortable and professional environments, utilizing the most updated technology and the latest techniques that are available.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a Structural Balance, Functional Efficiency and Aesthetic Harmony in every individual in the community that we serve, and beyond. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to initiate the first step towards a destination of optimal oral health for our patients. Our goal is also to be a good partner in helping our patients maintain excellent oral health, which in turn will help maintain their general health and increase overall well being.

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